1. Reserve your spot for class-SPACE IS LIMITED TO 6 SPOTS PER CLASS FOR NOW(reserving a place in class automatically verifies you or anyone in your home have not experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours)-reservations will be cut off 6 hours before class so please plan ahead AND cancel your spot ASAP to allow someone else to take it. If you did not reserve a spot, you will be sent home!

2. Please bring your own water, towel (bath sized for those burpees! No sweat angels guys!), mask/gloves and any other sanitation supplies you need/want (if you choose)

3. MONTEREY: We cannot allow any children or extra people “hanging out” so please find baby/kid sitters before you schedule to come in…additionally, there is no more common area/couch/table therefore no more “hanging out” for us as well. Sorry, but we are doing our best to protect you and keep you all safe and healthy!

4. No cubbies will be used so please pack your bags and take them to your stations when you arrive at the gym. ALSO…please take home any and all equip you may have stored in the cubbies. Anything left will be donated by June 19th.

5. Upon arrival, there is hand sanitizing gel in multiple places, please use that and/or wash your hands.

6. Bathrooms will be open and cleaned before/after every class, however we want to limit the use of them to decrease the risk of COVID-19 spread. If washing your hands please use soap and water for at least :20 and dry completely. There are garbages near bathroom doors to throw away paper towels after touching door handles.

7. PLEASE be respectful and thoughtful and aware of the 6’ physical distance at all times. Both gyms are organized and set up to support this class structure so it should not be a problem for anyone to stay 6’ apart during class. Also, IF you sneeze or cough PLEASE do so inside your elbow or in a tissue that you immediately throw away then wash your hands.

8. There is a sanitation kit in each station providing you with sanitizing hand gel, equipment spray, a newly sanitized towel per class and other items you may need. We would appreciate your help in sanitizing all equipment used during class before you leave your station…coaches will be there to guide you in this and provide gloves if necessary.

9. Knowing all of you the way we do, we know the following is of the upmost importance….we know it will be very exciting to see each other (we feel the same and are soooo looking forward to seeing you all-when you are comfortable enough to come back in!) we ask that you please refrain from shaking hands, fist/elbow bumps, and hugs in the gym. Air hugs/air high fives and shakas 🤙are appreciated!!

10. Last, but not least, THANK YOU…we absolutely love and appreciate every single one of you and want you to know how much we appreciate your support and encouragement that so many of you have given us along the way!

CHEERS to the reopening!!
Let us begin the rebuilding of ourselves and our community!

Note: Soledad, there is no picture of your stations, however it will be similar. Most stations will be outdoor (bring sunscreen, hat/visor and/or sweats) so the set up will done by Josh and I every morning and taken down every evening. We will post a picture of Soledad’s set up tomorrow